Urethral Stricture Treatment in Mansfield, TX

What is a urethral stricture?

A urethral stricture is a scar occurring anywhere in the urethra.  The scar narrows the urethra making it more difficult for urine to pass from the bladder out into the toilet.  Symptoms can include painful urination, weakened stream, spraying of the urinary stream, inability to completely empty the bladder, and increased urinary frequency and urgency.  In severe cases, there may be complete inability to urinate, requiring emergency treatment. Urethral strictures are much more common in men than in women. They are caused by a variety of conditions including pelvic trauma, trauma to genitals, prior surgery on the penis, urethra or bladder.  Other rarer conditions such as hypospadias and lichen sclerosis can lead to urethral stricture formation as well. Many times, however, no cause can be found for the development of a stricture.

How can a urethral stricture be fixed?

There are various ways to fix a stricture.  In the past, many strictures were treated by using a scope through the urethra to cut or stretch the stricture.  Unfortunately, most of the time these treatment options do not provide a permanent fix and symptoms can come back as soon as weeks to months after these procedures, leaving you in the same place you started.  More recently, a new innovative technique called urethroplasty has been developed to reconstruct the urethra to provide more long-lasting solutions.

A urethroplasty is a surgery that helps to rebuild the urethra.  The damaged or scarred urethra is removed or spliced out and the healthy urethra is reconnected, sometimes with the help of a graft.  The graft is typically taken from the tissue lining of the mouth on the inside of the cheek. This is called buccal mucosa. It works much like a skin graft does for a burn victim.  The graft provides new tissue to rebuild the urethra. Another less common technique includes using excess skin from the penile shaft to help replace the urethra. This is called a skin flap.

Dr. Nuss is fellowship trained in reconstructive urology and is one of the most experienced urethral reconstruction surgeons in the Metroplex.  If you are suffering from a urethral stricture, you have found your “go- to” doctor for a permanent solution. Call our office or request an appointment online.

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